| Flat Ribbon cable


    It can be directly assembles with connectors as pigtail to speed up the installation.    
    The link between the communication device and instrument.       
    The Ribbon optical fiber cable is designed for indoor vertical and horizontal connections between terminals.
    Indoor various cabling purposes.            


    All of sheath materials are RoHS compliance : PVCLSZH ( Low Smoke Zero Halogen )HytrelOFNP etc.          
        Both OFNP and OFNR meet UL flame retardant specification.                

    The Flat Ribbon cable use fiber ribbon as optical communication medium.

        Compact structure with high fiber density.

        Small cable. It is suitable for MT and MTP connector connection.

    Storage, installation, operationg temperature : -20 ~ +70                


Fiber CountOuter Diameter
( mm )
( g/m )
Mini Bending Radius
Max. Tensile Strength
LoadUnloadShort termLong term
2 - 24 ≦ 2.8 x 5.3 ≦ 20 ≦ 48 ≦ 30 ≦ 2700 ≦ 600